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2021 Annual IARCA Conference - September 15 and 16, Indianapolis, IN 

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IARCA Institute for Exellence Webinars - on demand

The IARCA Institute for Excellence hosts a series of webinars throughout the year. When possible, the presentations are recorded and made available for on demand viewing free of charge.

Attachment, Substance Use, Pregnancy and Neurobiology Webinar 

Joanna E. Chambers M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Chambers is an expert in services to, and research with, postpartum mothers and their children where opioid use has been indicated. Her research shows how attachment and substance use are related from a neurobiological standpoint. It also shines light on why, from an attachment perspective, the opioid epidemic is especially complicated. Particularly given how many child welfare systems around the country respond to pregnant mothers with opioid use disorder.

Through her work in two Central Indiana clinics, Dr. Chambers has seen the benefits of keeping mothers and newborns together – for both the mother and child. She has also studied the services that are sometimes required to keep mom and baby together safely. Despite the many challenges, there is good news from a neurobiological perspective if interventions and services are responsive to what science is telling us.

Beyond Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Achieving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Lloyd Bullard, Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

Based on a BBI Leaders of Color white paper, this interactive, dynamic presentation briefly discusses the research regarding the inequities pertaining to recruiting, hiring, and promoting Leaders of Color (LoC), as well as to the recruitment of board members of color. The session offers numerous strategies to successfully address these inequities. Mr. Bullard challenges participants to create one-to-two short-term goals that their agency is willing to address within the next one to six months to increase their level of Cultural & Linguistic Competence (CLC)/Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI). \

Building Bridges is a national initiative that strives to advance partnerships among residential and community-based service providers, youth, and families to improve lives.

Organizational Self Assessment Tools from Georgetown University mentioned in the presntation: 

The Gardener's Tale video by Camara Jones shown in the presentation: 

IARCA and IARCA Institute 2020 Annual Report

All the details about what IARCA, the IARCA Institute, and our members were up to in 2020 are now available

2020 State of the Association

Every year as part of our Annual Members' Meeting, we produce a State of the Association to update our members and partners on IARCA's work. Our 2020 publication covers a number of areas, including our collective advocacy on behalf of children and families, the rollout on Outcomes 2020, and new and updated programming. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Information on COVID 19/coronavirus

IARCA is in regular communication with IN DCS and Indiana State Department of Health staff about updates on coronavirus preparation. We are also gathering information from other states, the federal government, and subject matter experts that we think might be helpful in preparing children, families, and staff for coronavirus preparedness. We will maintain and update a list of announcements and resources for the foreseeable future.

IARCA Member Resource Directory

IARCA's Member Resource Directory of Services for Children and Families is a great way to find out which of our members are providing services you need. You can download the April 2021 Guide which includes all members and services in our database or you can use our online directory where you can limit your search by things like region or service.

Our Mission

The mission of the Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) is to promote cooperation, communication, development and mutual support among organizations and systems providing services to children and their families, and to advocate for the establishment and maintenance of the highest quality, most effective, and most appropriate services possible to children and their families.

Member Benefits

Membership with the Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) provides many benefits to its members, including entry in the IARCA Member Resource Directory of Services for Children & Families which is available online for use by the Department of Child Services, Probation Departments, Juvenile Courts, Special Education Offices, CASA/GAL Programs, concerned parents and other professionals.

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