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A1 (AT CAPACITY) Change the Culture, Change the Outcomes

Based on his book, “Culture in 4D,” Tony Moore’s workshop, Change the Culture, Change the Outcomes will walk participants through a proven process for improving bottom-line performance by designing and building a culture where organizational values are turned into action and metrics are used to ensure alignment. Even experienced leaders sometime struggle with accomplishing this.

Most leaders recognize the profound impact culture has on organizational success; nevertheless, very few operate in organizations where culture and performance are given equal attention. In many cases, organizational outcomes are clearly defined and measured while organizational culture is left up to “good intentions.” Infused with research, humorous stories, and real-life examples, this session will allow participants to depart with practical tools to help them design, build, & harness the full power of a culture of excellence.

Presenter Bio:

Tony Moore is a Speaker, Trainer, Culture Architect and recovering Human Resource Executive. For more than 20 years, Tony has had the privilege of serving in a variety of leadership roles. Most recently Tony held the position of Chief of Organizational Development for a national non-profit organization where he helped design and build the organization’s culture and led the people-side of multiple mergers and acquisitions.

As a leader, Tony’s goal has always been the same; impact the organization by positively impacting the lives of those he led. It was this passion to bring out the best in people that led to his entry into Talent Management and Development. Once there, he discovered he could multiply the impact of an organization’s talent by creating and implementing people processes designed to support, engage, and equip those charged with the responsibility of carrying out the organization’s mission. His unique blend of integrity, empathy, and energetic pursuit of change inspires confidence and lasting vision-to-implementation in every organization he touches.

When he is not cheering for his beloved Cowboys or Texas Longhorns, you will find him deeply entrenched in the favorite activities of his wife and children. Tony has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional



Tony Moore, MS, SHRM