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A4 Risk Management and Crisis PR Response

In this workshop you will learn about common ways that leaders and organizations get into trouble such as governance, payroll taxes, and programming. Including ways that the liability from that trouble can affect people personally. We’ll then cover some ways that you can keep your organization out of trouble. Recognizing that not all trouble can be avoided, we also discuss how to manage it when it does occur. Including, learning ways (that even your lawyers will tolerate) to respond to a crisis so that stakeholders can see that you are acting appropriately.

Presenter Bio:

Zac Kester has an LL.M. (Masters of Law) and a CFRM (Certificate in Fundraising Management) concentrating on the special needs of taxexempt organizations and has practiced law primarily for charities, focusing on organizational and compliance services. Zac regularly represents organizations in crisis after they learn of a lawsuit or claim against them, helping them navigate the process.



Zachary Kester, J.D., LL.M., Executive Director and Managing Attorney