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Unleashing the Power of Collaboration between CASAs and Providers, October 27, 10:30am-12:00pm

Ever wonder how to create relationships when there are complex roles, advocacy and outcome goals?  Providers and CASAs serve different roles. In some situations, the different roles of CASAs and providers work in harmony and collaboration can elevate the experiences a child and their family has. In other situations, the two roles have some natural tension and collaboration is key to making sure that tension doesn’t diminish the outcomes a child and their family achieve. Join us for a conversation about tips and tricks for building collaborations that work to support children and families and all of the players at the table.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about collaboration and why it is so important for the health and welfare of children and families.
  • Learn how to collaborate and have robust and respectful discussions in complex cases.
  • Learn how to sustain healthy relationships across a variety of child welfare serving agencies.

Approved by DCS for Foster Parent hours.

Presenter Bios:

Coleen Connor is a leader in her role as CASA Director through her service in Tippecanoe County and at the state level.  She advocates passionately for ALL children and has grown her CASA agency and, ultimately, the reach of serving children exponentially. Even though she is often in the middle of disputes and disagreements, her level head and consummate goal of doing whatever is in the best interest of children, has helped her earn the respect of members of the child welfare serving system. Coleen is an active member of the Juvenile Justice and Cross System Task Force under the Indiana Children's Commission and chairs the Indiana State CASA/GAL Standards, Certification and Standards Committee.

Rebecca Humphrey is responsible for ensuring a strong continuum of care is provided by Tippecanoe County Government.  She serves as the director of Cary Home for Children, the director of Juvenile Community Corrections for Tippecanoe County as well as Tippecanoe County’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative.  Although she holds strong opinions about always taking the right road for kids and families rather than the easy path, she is able to put things on the table for discussion in a way that leads to collaboration rather than a typical adversarial approach.  Rebecca's ability to recognize the need and then create and sustain services for youth has made her an exemplar example for other agencies across the state.  From her initiatives with JDAI to her collaborations to strengthen  evidenced based service to her community, Rebecca always remains focused on the needs of the youth in her community.



Coleen Connor & Rebecca Humphrey