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E2 Why Colorblindness Does Not Work: Creating and Sustaining Culturally Competent Anti-Trafficking Programs and Supporting Diverse Populations

The buzz word now for many who want it to be known that they are inclusive is "colorblindness." But does being colorblind impact survivors from diverse walks of life in a negative way?

In this workshop, we will explore some of our own biases that arise when we work with people from all races and cultures in the anti-trafficking movement. Additionally, we will discuss the implications of not having culturally sensitive staff, policies, and procedures. We will ask hard questions, and have difficult conversations while we evaluate ourselves, and critically evaluate needs your own organizations might have when working with and for survivors. In this workshop you will receive tools, including tips on cultural assessments and competency trainings. Let’s take this back to our communities to begin the process of changing systems and to better support diverse victims. Do NOT be the problem, but together let us find the solution.

Presenter Bio:

Morgan Rumple is the Statewide SART Coordinator for Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault. She is the co-chair of the Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Coalition, as well as co-founder of S.A.F.E.T.Y (Student Advocates for Exploited and Trafficked Youth). In addition, she is a trainer for the Interdiction for the Protection of Children in Indiana, which was developed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. She completed her bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a minor in Gender Studies from Hanover College. Previously, Morgan worked as an AmeriCorps member in New Orleans, working with those impacted by HIV/AIDS. She then served as a crisis counselor and family advocate for the Center for Women and Families in Southern Indiana and Kentucky.



Morgan Rumple