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E6 (AT CAPACITY) Building Relationships with Expressive Activities – Helping Families Connect with their Children

This workshop will emphasize the importance of using alternative methods for building relationships.

You will learn how expressive activities allow people to come out of their head and stop over-analyzing. It shifts the power dynamic to a more collaborative and experiential interaction, creating an opportunity to connect. You will learn and practice expressive activities that will help you build an alliance with children and parents, giving them skills to build trusting relationships with their children. Expressive activities such as art and games are the language of children and using them can create stronger bonds and growth.

Presenter Bio:

Mary Mann received a Masters of Arts from the Carrol School of Education at Boston College in 2002. Since then she has worked in the field of social services for 16 years, primarily with foster children and families. Ms. Mann received a Certificate for working with children and adolescents in November 2007, focusing on dynamics that often include expressive activities.



Mary Mann, LCPC