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C6 Secondary Trauma Resiliency initiative with Vital Hearts (all-day)

Continued from A6 & B6

Secondary trauma can profoundly impact professionals through depression and anxiety, helplessness, and ultimately lead to burnout and career abandonment. The healers need healing and all individuals who support the emotionally traumatized can benefit from this revitalizing and impactful training. Yet, far too few providers know how to spot signs of secondary trauma much less respond in a healthy way.

Through this training participants will learn how to change the way they process the trauma they encounter in their work and cultivate self-care skills that are meaningful and effective. Please note: This is an all-day seminar. Participants who sign up for it will also be automatically registered for the remaining two parts (sessions B6 and C6). While you will break for lunch, the seminar will go until 5 pm.

Presenter Bio:

Petra Ulrych is a Clinical Case Manager / Therapist for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless’ Family Support Services. She is an actor, director, theater teacher in Denver and previsouly in the Czech Republic. She moved from portraying trauma on stage to the mental health field and now helps folks resolve traumas in real life, while still adoring the power of theater.



Petra Ulrych, MA, LPC, NCC