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F2 Experience of mental health counselors after a physical attack from a patient

Mental health professionals who work at inpatient facilities are at an increased risk of physical attacks from patients (Beech & Leather, 2006; Campbell et al., 2011; GAO, 2016; Gillespie et al., 2010). Research on physical attacks in the human services field has focused on other mental health professionals, such as psychiatric nurses and social workers; while research looking specifically at mental health counselors is lacking.

In this workshop we will discuss workplace violence against Human Services Providers, what the research reveals and how it applies to those of us in the field.

Presenter Bio:

Evan Burns is a mental health counselor working with adolescent residential males. He graduated with a PhD. in Counselor Education at the University of Tennessee. His focus continues to be on educating and training other mental health professionals.



Evan Burns, PhD, LMHC