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C4 Trauma Scrapbooks 101

Trauma Scrapbooks 101 will offer an introductory "how to" for creating a trauma scrapbook to help clients process trauma.

Participants will learn how to start and share the scrapbook with significant others in the client's life to heal through connection. Through this workshop participants will gain an understanding of Sensory Based Systemic treatment of Trauma, how to apply the scrapbook project with-in a theory, and learn tools to assess levels of trauma in traumatized families.

Presenter Bios:

Emily Lindley has approximately 15 years of mental health experience, including direct service, supervision, and training roles and currently serves as the NYAP National Director of Education and Professional Development. Emily has a Master of the Arts in Forensic Psychology as well as a Master of the Arts in Professional Counseling. She is certified in a plethora of therapeutic models including but not limited to Phase 1 and 2 NMT, MI Training, QPR Training, FCT Supervision, Nurturing Parenting, CSOTS, etc. as she works to spread evidence based education and engaging training to enhance child welfare and the impact of mental health provider efforts across service provisions. Emily co-facilitated a panel on effective leadership styles in mental health at the 2018 Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) Leadership Symposium and continues to sit on the IARCA Outcome Task Force and the Leadership Symposium Planning Committee.



Emily Lindley, MA