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Featured Workshop: Interrupting Racism for Children, October 29, 9:30am-3:30pm

Disproportionality has long been evident in the child welfare system. In Marion County, black children represent 11% of the child population; however, they represent 40.9% of children in the child welfare system compared to white children who represent 71% of the child population and only 46.7% of children in the system (Child Advocates Children in Need of Services Data, 2018).  Interrupting Racism for Children (IRFC), has a powerful impact on how we all can take action to address racism in our community immediately. The workshop gives people tools they can begin using immediately and is facilitated by IRFC Director Jill English.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn about the history of race and racism in Indiana
  • Participants will better understand how racism affects the Indiana child welfare community
  • Participants will acquire tools for disrupting this crisis

Approved by DCS for Foster Parent hours.

 Presenter Bio:

Jill English has worked in child welfare for more than two decades and although her roles have changed over the years, her mission has remained steadfast. In 2014, she joined the Child Advocates team as a Guardian ad Litem (staff advocate). Now, with her position as Child Advocates’ Director of Interrupting Racism for Children, English’s opportunity to affect the lives of abused and neglected children could be even greater by addressing systemic racism and its effects on children in the system.

Please Note: This workshop will NOT be available on-demand.



Jill English, Child Advocates IRFC Director