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B2: Social Media and Teen Mental Health: Practical Concerns & Strategies

This workshop explores common physical and mental health concerns associated with social media use in teens. We will examine existing developmental challenges unique to teens and how they are impacted by social media, as well as common triggers and stressors. Lastly, we will discuss practical strategies for reducing harm/risk from social media usage and advocate for a more balanced approach.

Approved by DCS for Foster Care Parent Hours

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate physical and mental health concerns associated with social media use based on available data.  
  • Describe developmental tasks and challenges of teens and evaluate how they intersect with social media use.
  • Demonstrate understanding of practical strategies to decrease risk/harm from social media and increase overall digital literacy.

Presenter Bios:

Sarah Ash has served as In-Home Supervisor at Childplace since 2014. Sarah began her career at a local hospice provider before transitioning to working with kids and families who have experienced trauma. She is TF-CBT certified and TBRI trained.

Melissa Wilson started at Childplace in 2012 and has worked in numerous departments, including Home-Based, Residential and Outpatient Counseling. She currently serves as the Clinical Services Supervisor. Melissa has her certification in TF-CBT and is a TBRI Practitioner.

Together, they own and operate Sarah Paige Group, where they use clinical skills to serve agencies, businesses, and community groups.



Sarah Ash, LCSW & Melissa Wilson, LCSW