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A6: Child Psychological Maltreatment: A Major Threat to Children Which We Can Overcome

Child psychological maltreatment is a widespread condition that seriously damages human beings and their societies.  In comparison to other forms of child abuse and neglect, it occurs at higher levels, is of equal or greater harm, and its effects are longer lasting. This program will clarify child psychological maltreatment’s nature, forms, and the harm associated it.  Consideration will be given to interventions that can be effectively applied at social systems and individual interpersonal levels.

Approved by DCS for Foster Care Parent Hours

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify child psychological maltreatment’s nature, forms and the harm associated with it
  • Identify major forms of harm associated with child psychological maltreatment
  • Identify and discuss interventions for child psychological maltreatment

Stuart N. Hart, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of the Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis School of Education and Principal of Strategic Initiatives for the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (Canada).  He has concentrated on child psychological maltreatment and children’s rights in 40 years of international and national research, education/training, and published writing. He was co-chair for both the first international conference (1983) and the recent global summit (2019) on the topic.  He is a founding member of the Psychological Maltreatment Alliance (www.psychologicalmaltreatment.org).

Sirrilla D. Blackmon LCSW, LCAC, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Mental Health Promotion and Substance Misuse Prevention, Bureau of Child Youth and Families and Health Equity. She has  35 plus years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families in the area of mental health and substance misuse. Areas of focus are performance improvement, school, and community-based services, stakeholder engagement, policy development, clinical supervision, program implementation and system evaluation. Sirrilla is a Field Instructor and Adjunct Faculty for the School of Social Work Graduate program at Indiana University-Indianapolis campus for the past 16 years. She served as the chair and co-chair of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force for 4 years on the Indiana Commission on Improving the Status of Children (CISC). Sirrilla is the Indiana Child Youth and Family Division lead for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and the Indiana representative for the National Prevention Network through the National Association of State and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors. 



Stuart Hart, Ph.D. & Sirrilla D. Blackmon, LCSW, LCAC