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F3: School & Community Collaboration for Child Abuse Prevention

Indiana legislation requires schools to provide regular training on issues related to child abuse prevention to both staff and students in schools. While most would agree the trainings are important as well as being legislatively mandated, they are an unfunded mandate, further stretching the financial and time resources of schools. This presentation looks at one method to build collaboration between community and / or state based child abuse prevention councils and schools to make this legislative mandate less of a burden and easier to access and implement at no cost using high quality training resources.

  • Reminding of the different Indiana legislation regarding child abuse prevention training for school staff and students.
  • How to build a collaboration between state / local child abuse prevention councils and local schools to provide this legislatively mandated training.
  • Understand the high quality training resources that are research and evidence based to provide this required training.
  • How it builds upon the tenants of Social and Emotional Learning in schools.


Katie Lash, Executive Director, East Central Education Service Center

Sarah Kingsley Metzler, VP of Foundations for Learning, Horizon Education Alliance, SEL Consultant for The SOURCE

Mallory Stevenson, Executive Director, Children’s Advocacy Center of Randolph County, President, Prevent Child Abuse Randolph County

Leah Plank, COO, CAPS Child and Parent Services, Contact for Prevent Child Abuse Elkhart County

Jeff Wittman, Prevention Program Manager, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana



Katie Lash, Sarah Kingsley Metzler, Mallory Stevenson, Leah Plank, Jeff Wittman