IARCA 2021 Child and Family Welfare Virtual Hiring Fair

Registration: Open through April 7 (see link below)

Interviews: April 15 & 16 (or after)


Welcome to the Child and Family Welfare Virtual Hiring Fair! This is a great opportunity to begin a career working directly with some of Indiana's most resilient children and families. Below, you'll find links to more than 30 organizations from throughout our state who work every day to keep families together; reunite them when separation is necessary; recruit, train, and support kinship and foster families; and, provide treatment related to trauma and other challenges.

Each link takes you to an agency page where you can read about the agency's mission, vision, and values. You can also see which job openings they expect to have in May of this year. Each job includes information about benefits, work culture, job duties, and qualifications.

The table below indicates whether the agency has positions open to applicants with an Associate's Degree, a Bachelor's Degree, or a Master's Degree. Please note, several of the positions that are open to applicants with an Associate's Degree are also open to applicants with a high school degree. However, applicants with an Associate's Degree are considered more competitive for those positions and often find they advance more quickly within the agency.


Registration is simple. Once you have reviewed the agencies below and know which ones you'd like to apply to, click on the Registration button. You'll be taken to an easy registration form where you'll select the agencies that interest you and indicate the general type of job that you think would be a good fit for your skills and personality. After you complete the registration form, please send a copy of your resume to Crystal Clark at cclark@iarca.org

Crystal will then forward your resume to the agencies you've selected.


Each agency will schedule it's own interviews. Some agencies will schedule them via phone and others will use a video chat platform like Zoom or Skype. If possible, the agencies will schedule interviews on April 15 or 16 but they may also ask you to interview in the following week. Each agency has committed to reaching out to candidates by April 12, even if they will not be inviting a candidate for an interview.

If you haven't heard from an agency you applied to by the end of the day on April 12, please reach out to Crystal (cclark@iarca.org) so we can make sure they received your information.


Please reach out to Crystal at cclark@iarca.org.



Agency Name Associate
Adult & Child Health X X
Bashor Children's Home X X
Bauer Family Resources X X X
Campagna Academy X X
Centerstone X X
Children and Family Services, Corp X X X
Childrens Bureau, Inc X X
Damar X X X
Family Community Connections X X X
Family Focus, Inc X X
Family Time Inc X X X
Family Works X X
Gibault Children's Services X X
Hillcrest Youth Services X X
Indiana United Methodist Children's Home X
LifeSolutions X X
Lutheran Child and Family Services X X
New Hope Services X X
National Youth Advocate Program X X X
Oaklawn Psychiatric Center X X X
Omni Visions X X
Open Arms Family and Educational Services X X
Paddock View Residential Center X X X
Pathway International X X X
Resilient Minds X
Stepstone X X X
The Villages of Indiana X X X
Wernle Youth and Family X
White's Residential and Family Services X X X
Youth Services Bureau of Jay Co X X
Youth Villages X X