The Youth Service Bureau of Jay County, Inc. was established in 1979 to provide emergency shelter care services to children and youth removed from their homes. The agency then became licensed as a residential treatment facility where children and youth could remain in care for extended time periods and behavioral treatment could be provided. At that time and still to this day, the ultimate goal is reunification and if that is not a healthy path, provide the foundation for other permanency options.

As the YSB, and persons in the communities the agency serves, identified gaps in services and programs, the YSB responded by building and implementing a continuum of care. This continuum ranges from voluntary prevention services and classes, to a variety of home-based/community based services, therapy, and residential services which allows for the least restrictive service to be provided to the client based on their needs. You can find out about our current activities through our Facebook page.

OUR MISSION: To promote resiliency and assist children, youth, and families in achieving their greatest potential.

OUR VISION: Individuals and families who are associated with the agency as clients or as staff members heal from trauma, feel safe from threat, are able to identify and build on individual and family strengths, gain independence, achieve serenity, and enhance their quality of life.


  • To always provide an environment of trauma responsive care where we create a safe, stable, caring, and secure environment wherein all staff members and clients can heal from trauma and, develop the necessary skills to improve personal traits, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.
  • To build personal and professional integrity through honesty and ethical practices.
  • Each of us shall be a leader in advocating for children, youth, and families and support the recovery, health, and wellbeing of those being served.
  • We are respectful and use trauma informed and responsive care practices in communication and interactions with children, youth, and families, within the organization, and with those in the communities we serve.
  • We provide care and support to agency employees to address and reduce the impact of secondary traumatic stress.


The programs and services provided by the Youth Service Bureau of Jay County are to operate under a consistent philosophy. The agency promotes trauma informed and responsive practices, permanency as applicable, treating the whole person, taking into account past traumas and the impact trauma can have on all aspects of development and the health and wellbeing of the individual. The core philosophy for all YSB programs is that we must create individual/family centered environments that assure safety, promote healing and healthy development, while teaching new methods of thinking about problems, responding to issues, and adapting to the world we live in.

BSW jobs available:

Part-time Case Worker (Delaware and Jay Counties)

Family Assessment/Support Specialist (Jay, Randolph, and Blackford Counties)

MSW jobs available:

Homebased Therapist (Jay and Blackford Counties)

General employee benefits:

Health, Dental, Eye, and Life insurance

Paid vacation, personal time, and holidays

Retirement plan (Up to 5% agency match)

Case Worker Job Description

Salary range: $14 to $16 per hour

Start date: Expect positions open in June

License: Can start with pending temporary license application

Job Description:

The Youth Service Bureau of Jay County has a part-time, leading to full-time, position available providing Home-based Casework services in and around the Delaware and Jay County area.

Applicants should possess knowledge related to child abuse and neglect, child and adult development, community resources, the ability to work as a team member, and a belief in helping clients change their circumstances, not just adapt to them. Applicants should possess an understanding regarding issues that are specific and unique to adoptions such as loss, mismatched expectations and flexibility, loss of familiar surroundings, customs and traditions of the child’s culture, entitlement, gratification delaying, flexible parental roles and humor. EOE.


  • Receive and enter referrals into the database for Home-based Casework Services.
  • Complete and maintain all necessary documentation and paperwork for youth and families enrolled in program. Including Intake, Consent for Release of Confidential Information, Progress notes, Monthly Progress reports, Discharge Summaries, etc., as directed by immediate supervisor, or required by service standard.
  • Full Time Staff – Minimum 25 hours of Face-to-Face in your 40-hour workweek. Part-Time (hours vary per week) – Minimum 65% Face to Face hours for total hours worked. Maintain appointments with youth and families weekly, with appointments set up one week in advance. Face-to-Face time is direct time meeting with the client to accomplish goals, in person or by telephone. Direct communication with Department of Child Services or Probation officers counts towards Face-to-Face hours if it is client specific and the contact is a minimum of 8 minutes long.
  • Provide 24-hour on-call to clients and families for crisis intervention. Crisis Intervention includes, but is not limited to, crisis assessment, planning and counseling specific to the crisis. Most interventions are expected to be in the home.
  • Coordinate services for youth and family in program. Including being a liaison for courts, schools, referring agency, therapist, and psychologist. Attend court hearings of clients in the programs and provide testimony, recommendations, and discharge summaries.
  • Consult with Circuit Court, Probation, Department of Child Services, on a regular basis and additionally as necessitated.
  • Collaborate and communicate with clients’ therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist as necessary.
  • Consult with immediate supervisor on a bi-weekly basis to discuss clients and review documentation, and receive therapeutic direction.
  • Meet with Psychological Consultant a minimum of two hours per month.
  • Consult with school personnel to enhance educational concerns, problems, attendance, and behaviors as applicable.
  • Assist in the continued development of the home-based program in designated counties in our service region.
  • Maintain and participate in the completion of necessary outcomes measures to evaluate the home-based program.
  • Participate in bi-weekly Staff Meetings and In-Service Training Programs. Under no circumstances is supervision/consultation to be less than one (1) hour of supervision /consultation per 25 hours of face-to-face direct client services provided, nor occur less than every two (2) weeks.
  • Participate in a minimum of 20 hours of training each year. (10 hours for part-time)
  • First Aid and CPR is offered at YSB, but not required for this position.
  • Increase communication with referring agents and community to promote the mission of the agencies, and to increase awareness and private/public support of the youth in the programs and the agency.

Travel expectations with job:

Travel required for this position, typically within two counties

Work Hours:  

Applicants must be open to having a flexible work schedule with frequently varying work times.

Candidate Qualifications:

Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, sociology, or a directly related human service field from an accredited college. Other Bachelor’s degrees will be accepted in combination with a minimum of five years’ experience working directly with families in the child welfare system. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license and the ability to use private car to transport self and others, and must be insurable.

Healthy Families - Family Assessment/Support Specialist Job Description

Salary range: $13 to $15 per hour

Start date: Position open now

License: Can start with pending temporary license application

Job Description:

Full-time position available working with families/individuals in Jay, Blackford, and Randolph County.

Applicants must be willing to participate as a member of a team, have strong communication skills, possess skills in crisis intervention, and follow specific rules/guidelines. Applicants should expect to be in the field meeting with families the majority of the time worked. Applicants must be able to role model appropriate behavior and socially accepted interaction 100% of the time. Applicants must be an effective support person, and develop appropriate and effective rapport with families/individuals receiving services. EOE.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Responsible to meet weekly with Program Supervisor for supervision and paperwork oversight
  • Responsible for making initial contact, engaging, and completing assessments with families
  • Responsible to meet weekly and/or more often with program families
  • Responsible to attend and participate in weekly staff meeting
  • Advocate for families
  • Work with assessment worker at hospitals, WIC sites, Pregnancy Care Center to obtain appropriate information on referrals
  • Work with families on obtaining appropriate immunizations connecting with medical home
  • Stay committed and focused on program goals including: enhancing family functioning, enhancing family support systems, assure appropriate growth and development
  • Assist families in developing goals through the Family Goal Plan (FGP) and review progress. Complete ASQ3, ASQSE, EPDS, NCFAS, HFPI and HOME Inventory as directed by Healthy Families Indiana
  • Responsible to attend and participate in yearly Healthy Families Indiana training as directed by Healthy Families Indiana
  • Complete weekly paper work
  • Responsible to carry a cellular telephone

Travel expectations with job:

Travel required for this position, typically limited to Jay, Randolph and Blackford Counties

Work Hours: 

Applicants must be open to having a flexible work schedule with frequently varying work times.

Candidate Qualifications:

Prefer a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or other related human service field, but will accept resumes with a High School Diploma /GED and 2 years documented experience working with at-risk children and families. Prefer bi-lingual applicants fluent in Spanish. Applicant must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and be insurable.

Home-based Therapist Job Description

Salary range: $40,000 to $50,000 per year

Start date: Positions open now; expect positions open in June as well

License: Will discuss starting with pending temporary license application during interview

Job Description:

The Youth Service Bureau of Jay County, Inc. has a full-time position available providing Home Based Family Centered Therapy to children, youth, and adults in and around Jay and Blackford County. EOE.

Home Based Family Centered Therapy applicants should have/possess:

  • Knowledge of family of origin/intergenerational issues
  • Knowledge of child abuse/neglect
  • Knowledge of child and adult development
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Belief in helping clients change, to increase the level of functioning, and knowledge of strength-based initiatives to bring about change
  • Belief in the family preservation philosophy
  • Knowledge of motivational interviewing
  • Skillful in the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Skillful in the use of evidence-based strategies

Travel expectations with job:

Travel required for this position, typically within two counties

Work Hours:

Applicants must be open to having a flexible work schedule with frequently varying work times.

Candidate Qualifications:

Master’s or Doctorate degree with a current license issued by the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board as one of the following: 1) Social Worker, 2) Clinical Social Worker, 3) Marriage and Family Therapist, 4) Mental

Health Counselor 5) Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and 6) Mental Health Counselor Associate.


Master’s degree with a temporary permit issued by the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board as one of the following: 1) Social Worker, 2) Clinical Social Worker, 3) Marriage and Family Therapist and 4) Mental Health Counselor.