Since 1985, Open Arms Family and Educational Service has been committed to serving neglected, abused, and troubled youth, by providing homes and education to those who need hope in a desperate time in their lives. We exist to provide HOPE. This mission is based upon our belief that all youth have fundamental rights to a healthy home environment, good parents, and a wholesome family life that is God focused.

Mission:  Open Arms Family and Educational Service’s mission is to exalt the Lord by serving and sharing Christ, through meeting the needs of others. 

Open Arms operates an Open Residential Program for both males (ages 10-15) and females (ages 12-18 years of age) in Southwest Indiana. The Residential program is a 6-month program designed to teach appropriate coping and social skills necessary to maintain in a home-like setting.  Youth receive  individual, group, and family therapy.  The program also uses interactive journals to help youth learn about themselves and begin to make the necessary changes they need to make in their lives.

Open Arms also operates a License Child Placing Agency (LCPA).  Open Arms trains and licenses foster parents in the community, then provides case management to those foster homes.  Case managers provide support to the foster family and also ensure needs of foster child are being met.  

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Positions expected to open in May

Bachelor's degree positions in Greene County: 

Master's degree positions in Greene County:

General employee benefits:

  • Health care benefits, agency pays 60%
  • Sick, Vacation, and Personal time off
  • Paid Holiday’s. 

Case Manager 

Salary range: Starting salary is $30,000 and may go up with experience.  

Start date: Case Manager position available for Foster Care immediately; expect to have residential Case Manager positions in May as well.

License: Can start with pending temporary license application

Job Description:  Case managers are responsible for communicating with the county case manager and act as a liaison between Open Arms and the placing agency.  The case manager is responsible for overseeing the youth’s placement, progress, treatment needs, and ensuring all needs are being met within the placement.  Case manager provides monthly reports and documentation to the placing agency, participates in child and family team meetings, and court hearings. 

Travel expectations with job: Foster care Case Managers are expected to travel. Foster homes are located approximately 1 hour surrounding Greene County. Job requires frequent travel to these foster homes. Also, travel to court hearings and Child and Family Team Meetings. A company vehicle and gas card is available for this travel. Travel is infrequent for residential Case Managers. 

Work Hours: Office Hours are M-F 8-4:30, however, applicants must have a flexible schedule to be able to accommodate needs of families and youth or can work on various shifts for residential positions. Visits during the school year will often be after 3pm. Case Manager may flex their time and come in later, or take time off on another day to accommodate these situations. 

Candidate Qualifications:  Bachelor degree in Social work or related field. Must have good oral and written communication skills.  Must be reliable and flexible.  Must be willing to work as part of a team. 

Residential Therapist

Salary range: Starting salary is $40,000 and may go up with experience.

Start date: Immediate position available.  May be future position available at the Miriam Home for girls. 

License: Can start with pending temporary license application

Job Description: Residential therapist for youth living in the Residential facilities.  Residential therapist is responsible for overseeing the clinical program within the Residential facility and ensuring mental health needs of residents are met.  Residential therapist provides individual, group, and family (as appropriate) therapy for youth living in the facility.  The Residential therapist also participates in treatment team meetings with residential staff and makes recommendations on behalf of the youth’s needs.  The Residential Therapist receives supervision from a HSPP who reviews cases and signs off on treatment plans for Medicaid purposes. 

Travel expectations with job: No routine travel. Work will be primarily within the facility in Greene County IN. 

Work Hours: Requires flexible hours, need for 1-2 evenings per week when the youth are in school but hours can be adjusted to average 40 hours per week.  No routine travel, but may require occasional travel to attend Child and family team meetings or court hearings at the request of the court.  Company vehicle would be provided.  

Candidate Qualifications: Must be 25 or older, possess a Master’s Degree’s degree in Social Work or related field. Social work licensure is preferred, but not required. Licensure can be obtained through course of employment.