Resilient Minds is a social services agency that is contracted with the State of Indiana to deliver court ordered reunification services to parents and children who have been separated for whatever reasons. The main reasons for separation of families is neglect, substance abuse, physical abuse, and incarceration.

We provide initial and ongoing weekly training and bi-monthly staffing to help our contractors master their roles. We believe that mastery is required of any Case Manager who is endeavoring to create durable family reunifications and prevent re-entry into the court system.

Resilient Minds is a supportive and interactive culture of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, of which we are proud and protective. Those invited to share our culture will be like-minded business builders.

Bachelor’s Degree positions:

Employee benefits: None. This is a Contractor 1099 position.

Family Case Manager

Salary range: $20 - $35 an hour based on experience

Start date(s): May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov Orientation and Training Dates

Job Description: Please understand, these are not work from home positions. All positions are in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area and surrounding counties. And most work is done within the community.

“Teaching the Power of Resilience.”

Resilient Minds is a social services agency that is contracted with the State of Indiana to deliver court ordered reunification services to parents and children who have been separated for whatever reasons. The main reasons for separation of families is neglect, substance abuse, physical abuse, and incarceration.

Resilient Minds provides the necessary services to help reunify families through supervised visits, case work, father engagement, and tutoring support. We help families to refamiliarize themselves with one another, develop better parenting and coping skills, learn to budget, assist in finding jobs and housing, and help to strengthen family bonds.

We are looking for individuals that have Mastered the below job requirements and/or who are Adaptable, Flexible, Resilient, and Teachable, NO EXCEPTIONS. The ideal candidate is passionate about service, has no intentional biases that prevent him/her from serving this population, is comfortable driving to scheduled appointments and traveling with their clients in their personal vehicle. This individual is comfortable with working with people from all backgrounds, statuses, and ages. Understanding Microsoft Office Suite and Virtual Meeting Technology such as “Zoom” is especially important to the contractor’s success. Applicants must have a car in working condition. You must have a computer or tablet to complete your reports. And you must be flexible to work evenings and weekends if needed.

This is a Contractor position. Therefore, we do not withhold taxes. Resilient Minds is paid in arrears 30 – 45 days after we bill the state for our services. Therefore, we pay our contractors in arrears on a regular payroll schedule on the 15th and last day of each month.

As an agency that partners with independent contractors, we provide tools for success and ongoing weekly training.  We do not micromanage individuals in this role. We expect our next candidates to be able create and manage your own schedules. As an agency, we will advocate for cases on your behalf, but we also train you to do it and expect you to do so as you learn your job.

Our Caseworkers will help to safely maintain children in their home (or foster home), prevent children’s initial placement or re-entry into foster care, preserve, support, and stabilize families, and promote the well-being of children, youth, and families. Home Based Caseworker primary responsibilities: (list not all inclusive)

  • Conduct home visits as well as transport clients to goal oriented appointments and court appearances.
  • Conduct family assessments, create treatment plans and behavior modifications within 30 days and update every 90 days with your client.
  • Schedule home visits according to client's needs.
  • Facilitate supervised visitations and objectively report observations through a child’s lens.
  • Be accountable.
  • Provide time-sensitive, objective focused services.
  • Provide parent education training.
  • Assist with community connections.
  • Use logical processing in helping client.
  • Manage your own emotions and self-care.
  • Provide efficient and honest services.
  • Home based caseworker services provide any combination of the services to the families (list is not all inclusive)

As a Resilient Minds caseworker, you must have the ability to complete/do/have the following:

  • Timely progress notes electronically within 48 hours
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, technology and be comfortable operating apps on phones, mobile tablets, scanning and sending documents, and laptops.
  • Possess GRIT and RESILIENCY and stick with your job to maximize your hours.
  • Follow Instructions
  • Manage Your Email and Manage Your Time
  • Write in clear language with mastery of spelling, punctuation, indentation, spacing.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Be accountable to COMPLIANCE mandated by the State of Indiana.
  • Represent our company with integrity and honesty.

You will be expected to follow and implement policies and procedures, standards and expectations set in place by the Department of Child Services of Indiana and the Agency itself.

Travel expectations: Daily, local travel; remote work as needed if affected by COVID

Work Hours: Flexible, Full Time

Home Based Case Worker Education Requirements: BS in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology or Human Services.  Bilingual applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish, Burmese, and ASL are Needed.  EXPERIENCED CASE MANAGERS who understand the DCS system or those who have closely related experience are paid a higher rate. Knowledge of providing services to families that require assistance in the protection and care of their children and/or providing skills training, development, and rehabilitation is preferred. Applicants must be diligent, detail oriented, fast learners, and ready to work!

Please see our ad on Indeed to apply. Or contact us at Please include your resume and headshot for review. "Home Based" is a State term describing the position. These are not "work from home" positions. All jobs are located in the Metropolitan Indiana area. You must reside in Indiana to apply. Please visit our website to familiarize yourself with our company prior to interviewing.