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IARCA Hiring Fair for BSWs and MSWs

Registration is open!

Conducted virtually, the Hiring Fair allows prospective candidates to review job openings from more than twenty agencies with positions available in counties around the state. Participation is free.

Registration has been extended. Sign up today.

To register:

Registering is easy. Click on the "Attend this seminar" button below. Answer a couple of questions about yourself and select the agencies you want us to send your resume to. You’ll need to complete registration once you’ve started it (or start over again); you won’t be able to save a partially completed registration.  

You can use the links below or on the registration page to review an agency's Hiring Fair page with a description of the organization, it's philosophy, work culture, and job descriptions. Please note, when reviewing some job descriptions, the agencies will refer to "DCS Regions;" reviewing this map may help you understand what parts of the state each region is in.

At the time of registration, candidates must also submit their resume to Crystal Clark at cclark@iarca.org. Candidates are also welcome to voluntarily submit an unofficial transcript, list of classes completed, or any other material(s) that could be helpful to a potential employer. Crystal will forward your resume (and any other documents) to the agencies you've selected.

The agency will contact selected candidates for job interviews as part of the fair and will arrange to conduct those interviews via video chat or phone call. Most interviews will take place on June 11th or 12th but agencies may also interview candidates before or after those dates. 

If you have any questions or run into any difficulty with registration, please reach out to Crystal (cclark@iarca.org).

Each of the below agencies has positions open for both BSWs and MSWs. Agencies are able to hire candidates who have pending temporary Indiana professional licenses, except where noted in the job descriptions.

Adult and Child Health

Bauer Family Resources

Bethany Christian Services

Childplace Family Services

Childrens Bureau, Inc.

Debra Corn Foster Care

Families First

Family Community Connections

Family Focus, Inc.

Family Time

Family Works, Inc.

Home of the Innocents

Indiana United Methodist Children's Home

Journey Support Services

Life Solutions Counseling

Meridian Health Services Corp.

Midwest Center for Youth and Families

Oaklawn Psychiatric Center

Omni Visions

Open Arms Family and Educational Services

Paddock View Residential Center, Inc.

Park Center


The Villages of Indiana

Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center

White's Residential and Family Services

Youth Opportunity Center

Youth Service Bureau of Jay County, Inc.

Youth Villages



June 11 - June 12




Wednesday, June 10th 2020, at 4:00pm


Crystal Clark at cclark@iarca.org

Warning: This training seminar is past the signup deadline! Please e-mail hadebayo@iarca.org to sign up for the waitlist.