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IARCA Institute for Excellence: Becoming a Medicaid Provider Webinar

Interested in becoming a Medicaid Provider?

Join us to learn the answers to key questions and what mistakes to avoid. This free webinar, part of the IARCA Institute for Excellence Webinar Series, features experts from Indiana Family and Social Service Administration explaining the requirements and steps needed to become a medicaid provider in Indiana. As DCS's Family Preservation program gets underway, this is a great time to explore or revisit what it takes to bill Medicaid for services.

Presented by Michael Cook, Director of Provider Services at Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and Teisha Belton, Provider Compliance Coordinator at Indiana Family and Social Services Administration



Thursday, August 20, noon-12:45 p.m.


Zoom Webinar


Tuesday, August 18th 2020, at 12:00am


Ann Davis


Michael Cook and Teisha Belton, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

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