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Supervising Motivational Interviewing Practitioners: Conversations to evoke change talk, strengthen it, and improve outcomes when substance use is an issue

This interactive workshop is designed to offer participants the opportunity to advance their skill in supervising staff who are using Motivational Interviewing (MI) with children and families. Using MI in your own practice can sometimes be very different than helping a diverse team of practitioners use it for the benefit of their clients. This training was designed to deepen participants' understanding of MI and their ability to help their teams use it successfully for the benefit of children and families.

MI has been recognized as a well-supported prevention intervention for keeping families where substance use disorder is an issue together. This workshop will focus particular attention on helping supervisees get great outcomes with families wrestling with substance use issues.

Participants will experience "The Master's Class" to help work teams apply MI to their setting. Participants will experience basic skills of coding and coaching/feedback to develop personal and team competence. There will be discussion of how to "Blend" MI with their other skills. Since this is modular based, elements of this workshop can be used to focus on enhancing work group skills. 

This training is ONLY open to experienced MI practitioners who are - or will be - supervising others. Before registering, please take the self assessment below. If your average score is 5 or above, your skill level is appropriate for this course. This one-day training stands on its own but some participants may choose to also take the Practicing Motivational Interviewing on Wednesday, February 26th in order to freshen their skills.

Lunch will be served. 

Approved for 7.0 Continuing Education Hours; Category 1 Continuing Education Provider- Indiana License- 98000956A

Trainer: George Brenner M.S., LCSW, LMFT, LCAC 

George has a Master Degree in Psychology from the University of Evansville and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Addictions Counselor in the State of Indiana. George has 46 years of clinical, supervisory and administrative experience in the areas of gambling disorders, substance use disorders, mental health, and integrated care for Co-Occurring Disorders. He is a trainer and consultant in these areas as well as facilitating the learning of Motivational Interviewing. 

He is a co-owner of Continuing the Care which providers consultation, training, and Professional Recovery Monitoring Services. George also engages in a general private clinical practice at Family Counseling Associates. George was trained in Motivational Interviewing by faculty of the University of New Mexico. He received advanced training in the MINT-TNT, is a Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, and serves on the Audit and Finance Committee. George serves on the Board of Mental Health America in Indiana. 

Motivational Interviewing Personal Skills Assessment

My level of confidence in skills in the following areas is: (1=little confidence; 10 = great confidence)

  1. Counseling in the Spirit of MI
  2. Utilizing Open Questions and Elaborations
  3. Utilizing affirmations and recognizing strength in others
  4. Utilizing simple and complex reflections
  5. Utilizing summaries
  6. Recognizing and eliciting Change Talk

If your average score is 5 or above, your skill level is appropriate for this course.



February 27th,2020 9:00 AM- 4:30 PM(ET)


Hosted by The Villages of Indiana, 3833 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208


Registration & Payment
Thursday, February 20th 2020, at 4:00pm


Heather Adebayo


George Brenner M.S., LCSW, LMFT, LCAC


Members: $75
Non-Members: $125

Warning: This training seminar is sold out! Please e-mail hadebayo@iarca.org to sign up for the waitlist.