IARCA Institute teams with Indiana House on Fostering Hopeful Futures

Today, Indiana Speaker Todd Huston and Leader Phil GiaQuinta kicked off Foster Hopeful Futures in support of foster alumni. The IARCA Institute is proud to team with these IN leaders and all Indiana House members in offering support to young adults transitioning out of foster care. The initiative will collect home goods for 100 new home kits to help foster alumni set up their new apartment, home, or dorm. The kits will include basic items that every new home needs and that many young adults receive from their parents. Recognizing that some youth transition out of foster care without a recognized parental relationship, these kits will help fill that gap a little.

The message from our elected Representatives statewide to these young Hoosiers is, "You have a home here in Indiana." And while helpful, the kits are largely a symbolic gesture from state leaders committed to supporting their well-being and future success. The IARCA Institue is excited to be a part of this initiative to raise awareness for these young adults. More so, though, we're proud to work with state champions like Speaker Huston and Leader GiaQuinta and our colleagues at child and family welfare agencies statewide and the IN Department of Child Services to create and implement policies and practices that help young people leaving foster care see a full and bright future in the Hoosier state.

If you'd like to support this initiative, please reach out to us at iarca@iarca.org by the end of February.


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Reimagining Indiana Foster Care Campaign:


Very few Hoosier parents are in regular, collaborative contact with the foster families caring for their children. Primarily, this is because our system has neither encouraged nor supported these relationships. In many cases, DCS staff has actively discouraged these connections. It’s time we change that reality in Indiana.

Working together, foster care agencies, home-based services organizations, the courts, and our public partners can turn Indiana into a state where most children in foster care see the important adults in their lives communicating and collaborating. In order to achieve this goal, the Reimagining Indiana Foster Care Work Group began working together in late 2020. The Work Group was co-led by Mary Mims of Dockside Services, Teresa Lyles of the State CASA Office, and Angela Smith-Grossman of DCS. They were joined by County CASA leaders, DCS staff, and Brenda Chapin from the Villages of Indiana, Brooke Clawson from Children’s Bureau/Families First, Dana Thomas from Associated in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Amanda Davidson from NYAP, and Jackie Marshall from Bauer Family Services. The Work Group was also supported by Stephanie Grossman and Jennifer Reed who both experienced not being connected to the foster parents caring for their child or children.

Campaign Webinars

The Work Group presented a webinar to kick-off the Campaign on Oct 28th. You can view that 50 minute video at: https://www.iarcavideos.org/kickoff2021  

We followed up the kick-off with a great webinar with Children's Home Society of North Carolina focusing on their work transforming their services to promote more and better reunification. You can view that webinar, Examples from North Carolina on connecting parents with foster/kinship parents, on demand at: https://www.iarcavideos.org/connectingparentsnc

Campaign Principles and Action Steps

The Work Group developed a set of Principles and Action Steps that provide the foundation for the campaign. This document explains what we can achieve by working together, principles for that collaboration, and action steps that agencies and invidividuals can take to move practice forward. The action steps are based on leading examples from around the United States and reflect a growing national consensus that children and youth do best with the adults in their lives communicate effectively and support one another.

Your organization can sign on as an endorser of the Campaign Principles and Action Steps here: https://forms.gle/qWyZ669U1asBSP5s5

Campaign video

IARCA is incredibly grateful to Alexius, Davina, Ashely, Shannon, Molly, Nikki, and Shawn for sharing their experieces building the kind of collaborative relationships that benefit children and youth the most. This 5 minute video demonstrates how families can bond over their care and concern for the child or youth involved. And it highlights the positive benefits shared parenting creates for all involved. Imagine how many more families could experience what these families did if we build a system that supports shared parenting.

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IARCA 2021 State of the Association

Each year, we release a State of the Association as part of our Annual members' meeting. Get caught up on what IARCA has been up to this year.

Information on COVID 19/coronavirus

IARCA is in regular communication with IN DCS and Indiana State Department of Health staff about updates on coronavirus preparation. We are also gathering information from other states, the federal government, and subject matter experts that we think might be helpful in preparing children, families, and staff for coronavirus preparedness. We will maintain and update a list of announcements and resources for the foreseeable future.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) is to promote cooperation, communication, development and mutual support among organizations and systems providing services to children and their families, and to advocate for the establishment and maintenance of the highest quality, most effective, and most appropriate services possible to children and their families.

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