2024 Keynote Dr. Angela Pharris, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Pharris is an Assistant Professor in the Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work at the University of Oklahoma, Director of the Center for Child Welfare Training and Senior Research Fellow at the Hope Research Center. Her research is focused on the application and implementation of hope-centered and trauma-informed practices that impact human service programs. Angela’s current research is in child welfare and human service organizations and the application of Hope Centered and Trauma-Informed framework. This research informed the development of the “Hope Centered and Trauma Informed” training program. Hope is a psychological strength and a buffer to stress, adversity, and burnout and a hopeful mindset that improves organizational and individual outcomes.

2023 Keynote address presented by Dr. Robin Leake

We were pleased to have Dr. Robin Leake, Project Director for the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute as our 2023 Keynote Speaker. Attendees were impressedby the research that Dr. Leake and her colleagues are doing into workplace issues for our teams. We enourage you to download Dr. Leake's Keynote presentation.